News MP471S 1/4-inch Pressure-field Microphone

MP471S 1/4-inch Pressure-field Microphone

MP471S is the 1/4-inch pressure-field microphone developed by BSWA. It is suitable for the pressure field environments such as in a cavity, near a hard reflective surface, or installed flush with a hard surface. It is prepolarized microphone without external polarization voltage, and suitable for ICCP powered MA401 preamplifier (optional TEDS). MP471S is side-vent type microphone which equalizing pressure by a vent opening inside the protection grid. It can be used for noise measurement inside the cavity where the static pressure is easily changed. However, the side vented also causes the frequency response of the microphone to change. The frequency response of MP471S is 8 Hz ~20 kHz, and it can be extended to 40 kHz by increase the tolerance of frequency response.

MP471S uses a high-strength nickel metal diaphragm, which increases the maximum sound pressure level of the microphone by increasing the diaphragm tension, and reduces the sensitivity to about 0.5 mV/Pa. It also avoids the ICCP preamplifier to limit the maximum output voltage of the microphone, and can measure up to 170dB sound pressure level. Each MP471S passed a high sound pressure test before leaving the factory to verify its total distortion ≤3% when the rated maximum sound pressure level is reached.

MP471S can choose a preamplifier with TEDS to support data acquisition equipment to read microphone information directly, including microphone model, serial number, sensitivity, etc. BSWA microphone supports the IEEE 1451.4 standard. The v0.9 version is used by default to be compatible with more data acquisition equipment. The v1.0 version can also be selected according to user requirements.

Each MP471S is supplied with an individual calibration data chart including sensitivity, frequency response and so on.



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