News CS022 Actuator Stand

CS022 Actuator Stand

CS022 actuator calibration stand is microphone calibration equipment from BSWA, which is suitable for testing of working standard microphone comply with IEC 61094-4 and GB/T 20441.4. It can be used for frequency response and phase calibration of measurement microphone. This equipment can significantly reduce the ambient noise to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, test accuracy and consistency.

The main component of CS022 is aluminum acoustic enclosure with 1/2-inch microphone fixed device. It has good sound insulation performance, and can be used to test 1/4-inch microphone by adapter. The electrostatic power supply can be connected to the interior of the acoustic enclosure through a 4 mm banana socket on the baseplate. In general indoor working environment, the internal background noise is approx. 10 dBA after the enclosure is closed.



      Available for 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch microphone

      Strong ability in sound insulation to decrease the ambient noise and increase the measurement accuracy and consistency

      Simple structure and easy to operate



      Measurement microphone frequency response calibration

      Measure microphone phase difference measurement




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