Sound Power

     Many industrial and home products require the sound power rating. The measurements of the sound power are governed by ISO standards, such as ISO3745 and ISO7779.  Most of sound power measurement systems are requiring multi-channel analyzers, where all the channels are measured simultaneously.  For steady noise sources, it is economic to measure only 2 or 4 channels at a time and calculated the sound power.  

BSWA provides the most economic solution in sound power measurement system in the markets. Our VA-Lab software supports 2, 4 or 10-channel-measurement systems. The customers have choice to choose 2 channel or 10 channel systems.

MC3022: USB powered Plug-N-Play measurement soundcard with two ICCP input channels and one output source channel.

MPA231: 1/2 inch microphones

MF710: Microphone fixture specifically for such Sound Power measurements. 

VA-Lab2 SP: Specially designed software to satisfy sound power level test according to ISO3745. 


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