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TM004 Tapping Machine

TM004 tapping machine is the fourth-generation of standard tapping machine developed by BSWA for the measurement of sound insulation of building floors according to GB/T19889, GB/T 50121, ISO 140, ISO 717, ASTM E492 and ASTM E1007. Compare to former generation product TM003, the new tapping machine selected a high torque stepper motor with verified mechanism of motor drive and hammer lifting, redesigned main control circuit and remote control, and significantly improved the operation reliability.

TM004 has five in line hardened stainless steel hammers. The weight of each hammer is 500g with diameter of 30mm and separated by 100mm to each other. The curvature radius of impact surface is 500mm. The hammers impact sequence is 1-3-5-2-4 with a falling height of 40mm and 100ms between each hammer impact. The time between impact and lifting of each hammer less than 80ms. Retractable feet of the tapping machine can be extended more than 100mm away from the hammers in work position and retracted for transportation. The feet with rubber base is height adjustable that can be used to adjust falling height of hammers when working on uneven or soft ground. A bubble level mounted on the top helps to adjust the horizontal posture of tapping machine.

TM004 will be automatically shut down by the overheat protection when the motor temperature exceeds 90ºC, and return to normal status until the temperature drops below 50ºC. Operation control can directly use front panel key, trigger, RS-232 and USB interface (the USB interface also can be used to update firmware of tapping machine). Supplied wireless remote control can operate even across the floor. The tapping machine supports the wide supply voltage (100~240VAC 50/60Hz) and the lithium battery (optional) is also available and can supply the machine for approx. 1 hour of continues operation.

TM004 is only weights 12.8kg with black PMMA shell to ensure easily transportation and packed in a strong and durable case for shipping.

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