About Us

  • 1998

    The company was founded in 1998

  • 20

    In recent 10 years, built more than 200 different forms in the domestic scale, with different technical requirements and the characteristics of the acoustic laboratory

  • 8

    For nearly eight years 8 the patent for utility model

  • 3

    MICW3 times winners: the NAB award Radio World Cool Staff, STAIS award, DGP Digital Camera Grand Prix - photographic equipment surrounding products gold award

Development Path

  • BSWA in Germany Mueller - BBM VAS GmbH joint venture set up miller bem vibration and acoustic system (Beijing) co., LTD., to provide efficient noise vibration test and analysis system.
  • MicW establishment, committed to professional precision level recording microphones. Success at BIRTV show in 2011, expanding MicW famous and influential at home and abroad, and since then the award-winning, popular with foreign professional customers.
  • BSWA new sound and CST technology (suzhou) co., LTD. Is a joint venture zhongke new technology (suzhou) co., LTD., dominated by acoustic vibration test system of science and technology co., LTD.
  • BSWA hope was established in July 1998, is a high-tech joint venture backed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of acoustics co., LTD.
  • BSWA hope was established in September 2007 the Shanghai prestige acoustic engineering co., LTD., professional provide all kinds of acoustic design and construction of the lab.
  • The BSWA sound level meter follows the Shenzhou 11 into space.

    BSWA founded Beijing Prestige Boulaine with Paul Bremner, founder of AutoSEA.

  • BSWA sensor booster rocket successfully launched to Mars is on its way