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BinauralMic PRO 750


Binaural recording which can restore the real noise in the car is the most commonly used tool for NVH Engineer. It is a powerful tool for research and improvement of sound quality. Binaural recordings usually require expensive artificial head, and it’s not easy to use. The biggest problem is the test cannot carry out on the driver's seat that most of engineer and tester focus on. BinauralMic is popular in recent years recording equipment. The cost is very low compare to the artificial head and easy to use.

Product Features

MPA416 microphone with phase matching, TEDS is option

Calibration method is same to measurement microphone, calibrator adapter is attached.

Sealed monitoring level headphone (Germany Ultrasone top professional monitoring headphone), can effectively isolate the ambient noise

ICCP powered microphone with BNC connector, connect to standard data acquisition equipment

headphone and microphone cable are independent, easy to change

Suitable for indoor and outdoor noise measurement


Record sound for NVH, Analysis of noise

Two channel recording and playback

Cabin noise measurements

Simulation of vehicles on the road

Technical Parameters
Microphone MPA416 (Prepolarized, need ICCP power supply)
Microphone Diameter 1/4”
Optimized Free field
Frequency Range (Hz) 20 ~ 20k
Open-Circuit Sensitivity (mV/Pa) (±2dB) 50
Output Impedance (Ω) <110
Dynamic Range (dBA) 29 ~ 127
Inherent Noise (dBA) <29
Operating Temperature (℃) -10 ~ 50
Operating Humidity (%RH) 0 ~ 95
Temperature Coefficient (dB/℃) 15℃ ~ 35℃:<±0.3 dB 0℃ ~ 40℃:<±1.5dB -10℃ ~ 50℃:<±3.0dB at 1kHz, reference temperature 23℃
Humidity Coefficient (dB/%RH) 20% ~ 90%RH, <±0.8 dB at 1kHz, reference temperature 23℃, humidity 50%RH
Pressure Coefficient (250 Hz) (dB/kPa) -0.06
Connector LEMO - 3 Pin, Lemo-BNC cable attached
TEDS Optional
Headphone Ultrasone PRO 750
Frequency Range (Hz)(Headphone) 8 ~ 35k
Impedance(Headphone) 40Ω
Sound Pressure Level(Headphone) 94 dB
Driver(Headphone) 40mm titanium-plated
Weight(Headphone) 364g

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