MC3242 is 4-channel data acquisition developed by BSWA TECH. It is a plug and play virtual instrument system, using the USB interface to connect the computer.

MC3242 was developed base on National Instruments high performance data acquisition card. It can simultaneously analyze 4 channels of acoustic and vibration signals, and focus on the application of BSWA impedance tube system for the sound absorption and insulation testing of material. With the VA-Lab measurement software, MC3242 also can be used as a common 4-channel system for other acoustic and vibration testing.


  ● Sampling rate up to 51.2kHz

  ● Low self-generated noise, high dynamic range

  ● Powered by USB interface

  ● 4 BNC input channel: with ICCP power supply (can be turned off)

  ● 2 BNC output channel: voltage signal output

  ● Directly connect to ICCP sensors (such as BSWA MPA201) or electrical signal

  ● Compact and portable, professional packing-case

  ● Suitable for laboratory and field noise measurements


  ● General acoustic measurements: audio recording, spectrum analysis, sound level meter

  ● Professional acoustic measurements: impedance tube, sound intensity, reverberation time, building sound insulation, sound power, loudness, IACC and so on

Input Channel 4
Input Connector BNC with ICCP power supply (2mA/21V, can be turned off)
Self-Generated Noise Level 30dBA (50mV/Pa)
Input Frequency Response 2Hz~20kHz (±0.5dB)
Input Dynamic Range 102dB
Maximum Input Voltage ±5Vpeak
Output Channel 2
Output Connector BNC
Output Frequency Response 4Hz~31.5kHz (±0.5dB)
Maximum Output Voltage 1.85Vrms
Maximum Output Current ±20mA
A/D Resolution 24Bits
Sampling Rate Input: 51.2kHz, Output: 8/16/32/44.1/48/96kHz
USB Interface USB-B interface, USB 2.0 compliant
Power Supply USB power supply (need to reach 500mA capacity)
Operating Environment Temperature: -10°C ~50°C, Humidity: 0~90%RH
Dimension (mm) W226 x H51 x D188
Weight 1.4kg (only data acquisition), 3.1kg (including package)

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