The MC3322 is dual-channel data acquisition analyzer. It is researched and developedindependently by BSWA. Between USB interface circuit and computer connection, is plug and play virtual instrument systems. The system has 90dB dynamic ranges and built-in 4mA/24V ICCP power supply and it is suitable for the ICCP type of microphone and accelerometer. Two analog input channels provide up to 96 KHz sampling rate and each channel exists threegains:-20dB,0,20dB, it is applicable for occasions with low requirements for environment noise.
The MC3322 not only can real-time analysis and process all kinds of acoustic signals, it can also be a sound system combined with the software. With the BSWA VA-Lab test software it can be used for general noise testing, architectural acoustics testing, acoustic measurement, fault diagnosis, the sound quality analysis and other fields.


Noise recording and playback
Time domain analysis and frequency domain analysis of noise signal
Sound level meter functions, test environment noise parameters such as sound pressure level
Sound intensity testing(with sound intensity probe)
The sound absorption coefficient of the acoustic material test
The indoor reverberation noise test
Sound insulation window sound insulation materials such as transmission loss test
Microphone and speaker electro acoustic unit test
Loudness and sound quality testing
Sound power test of products

Two power supply modes: 7V ~ 14V(500mA) an external power supply, USB powersupply(should be 500mA power supply capacity);
Two input channels, with -20dB,0,20dB adjustable gain, the input signal overload indicator;
Built-in 4mA/24V ICCP power supply(can be closed), it is suitable for the ICCP type of microphone and accelerometer;
Input/output sampling rate is up to 96 KHz;
No need to install the drivers, plug and play, supports for Windows, Mac OS , iOS , Android and 
other currentoperating system;
Compact structure and strong aluminum frame, professional waterproof boxes;
Recommends collocationVA-Lab2 software and VA-Audio2 software.

Input Channel 2
Input Port BNC,4mA/24V ICCP power supply (can be closed)
Self-Generated Noise Level <16dB(A) (20dB gain, external power supply)
Input Frequency Response Range 6.3Hz ~ 46kHz (±0.5dB)
Input Linear Range(external power supply,50mV/Pa) 24dBA ~ 140dBA (According to the IEC61672)
Input Gain -20dB,0dB,20dB
Maximum Input Voltage 10Vrms (-20dB),1Vrms(0dB),0.1Vrms (20dB)
Overload Indicator When the input voltage exceeds the maximum input voltage, the OVLD light shines
Output Channel 2
Output Port 6.35 mm TRS socket
Output Frequency Response Range 4 Hz ~ 31.5 kHz (±0.5dB)
Maximum Output Voltage 1.85 Vrms
Maximum Output current ±20mA
A/D Converter Digit 16/24-bit (input/output can only have one set to 24-bit)
Sampling Rate 8/16/32/44.1/48/ 96kHz
USB Interface USB 2.0 at full speed, support USB Audio Class 1.0
Supply Mode 7V~ 14V (500mA) an external power supplyUSB power supply (should be 500mA power supply capacity)
Operating Environment - 10℃ ~ 50℃, humidity 20% ~ 90% RH
Size(mm) W170xH43xD125
Weight About 640g (host only)

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