VA Lab -SP


In order to determine the sound power level produced by the noise source, one method is measuring the sound pressure level on the measurement surface enveloping a noise source.

VA-Lab SP module is specially designed to satisfy sound power level test according to ISO3745. With NI Compact DAQ and BSWA microphones, the noise level can be tested simultaneously in 10 channels; the sound power level is calculated automatically based on the measurement surface area.

Main Features

No limited to the number of microphone positions, but total number of positions measured simultaneously is limited by the channels of hardware

Real-time sound pressure level and spectrum measurement

Environment correction according to ISO 3745 2003

Correction for background sound pressure levels have two choice: correction sound pressure at each test point or at the average result of all test points

Correction for background noise with appointed range。(10~20dB ISO 3745, 6~15dB ISO 3744, 3~10dB ISO 3746, etc. )

A and linear weighting

Time-averaged sound pressure of each Octave frequency, Average time is optional

All the result build in measurement procedures are saved and can be ascended and checked

Accessories Recommended

MC3022/MC3122: 2-channel data acquisition

MC3242: 4-channel data acquisition

MC3012: 12-channel data acquisition

MC1012: 12-channel microphone conditioning with gain of X0.1,X1,X10

MF720: Microphone hemisphere array with 20 positions

MF710: Microphone hemisphere array with 10 positions

MPA231: 1/2 “ prepolarized free-filed measurement microphone, Type I

MPA416: 1/4 “ prepolarized free-filed measurement microphone, Type II

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