VA-Lab ARCH module provides reverberation time measurements and sound transmission loss measurements according to ISO standards.

Main Features of VA-Lab ARCH

 ● Two methods: interrupted noise, impulse response measure reverberation time in 1/1 or 1/3 octave frequencies according to ISO 3382

 ● Sound pressure decay curves display, support user-defined reverberation time calculation

 ● Airborne sound insulation of building elements Measurement

 ● Measurements of impact sound insulation of floors

 ● Automatically calculate single-number quantity:  Rw, Xw, and its spectrum adaptation

VA-Lab ENV is a powerful sound level meter. It supports maximum 10 channel sound pressure level measurements at 10 locations. Each channel can perform multi-task analysis such as statistical levels, 1/3 octave, and levels vs. time. VA-Lab ENV has built-in data logger function, it can continuously log the overall and spectral data into the memory.


 ● Main Features of VA-Lab ENV

 ● Simultaneously measure SPL, RMS, MAX, MIN, PEAK, LEQ, SEL, L10, L50, and L90

 ● A,C,Lin weighting

 ● Fast, Slow, Impulse

 ● Continuous, Time limited optionally

 ● Spectral data logger associated time history 1/1 or 1/3 octave Real-time display

 ● Sound level analysis at user defined intervals

 ● Long time monitoring of sound pressure levels, up to 5 hours in one graph

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