VA-LAB IMP is the software module for impedance tube measurements. It supports sound absorption and sound insulation measurements in BSWA SW series impedance tubes. The software works with BSWA MC3522 and MC3242 hardware for data acquisition and analysis.

VA-Lab IMP supports two methods to measure the absorption coefficients of material:

 ● Method using Standing Wave Ratio (ISO10534-1)

 ● ransfer Function Method (ISO10534-2)

Main Features of VA-Lab IMP

 ● Two methods to measure the absorption coefficients

 ● Built-in tone generator (Method using STANDING Wave Ration)

 ● Capture the Maximum and Minimum lever then calculate the absorption automatically when using standing wave ratio

 ● Built-in pink noise generator (Transfer Functin Method)

 ● Meteorological information used

 ● Three kinds of tube and support user-defined size

 ● Gives linear & Octave data synchronously

 ● The data measured on different tubes can be combined into full-frequency

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