Product Features

VA-Audio2 represents the cost effective 2-channels solution for all your needs In Audio Measurement and Analysis.

A complete set of product oriented modules for measurements and analysis of audio components
Stepped sweep, continuous sweep, multi-tone, and  user-defined stimulus
Standard measurements for SPL, THD, and high order THD
Two channel comparison method for frequency response, sensitivity and THD
Automatic limit calculation
General two channel analyzer functions
Supports hardware from National Instruments and soundcard
Microphones, Loudspeakers, Receivers, Earphones, Headphones and other analog audio components.

Technical Specifications
VA-Audio2 supports the following hardware from BSWA:
MC3022: 2 channel ICCP inputs, 2channel outputs, USB powered.  Recommended for field uses
MC3522: 2 channel ICCP inputs, 2channel outputs, USB powered, built-in power amplifier to drive loudspeakers (needs 220V AC power for amplifier)  Recommended for impedance tube; and audio analysis
National Instruments NI 4461:  Recommended for precision calibration 

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